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The Constitution

The Community Trust was formed in April 2010 following the merger of the Craster Community Development Trust and The Craster Memorial Hall Trust. At the same time the two older Trusts ceased to exist.

This is confirmed in an email from the Charity Commissioners dated April 19th, where they write.....

"I note that the trustees have agreed on the final content of the draft scheme so I have now arranged for it to be sealed.  This means that from today's date the scheme is now a formal legal document and should be held as part of the charity's permanent records by the trustees.  The scheme replaces all existing trusts.

Due to the content of the scheme I have arranged for the Craster Development Trust (1075637) to be removed from the register and the details of the Craster Memorial Hall to be updated to show the new name 'The Craster Community Trust' and the scheme as its governing document.

The trustees do not need to actually hold a meeting to bring the new trust into being or dissolve the old two because the scheme itself does this once it is sealed."

The agreed constitution can be downloaded from here as a PDF document.

Constitution of the Craster Community Trust

If you have difficulty with the download, please email the Site Administrator who will email a copy directly to you.

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