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Craster Oil Purchasing Syndicate (COPS)

The Committee of the Trust has investigated the possibility of establishing a purchasing group made up of members of the local community with a view to securing the cheapest price for oil by buying in bulk. Following intensive negotiations with suppliers it has not proved possible to establish such a scheme. A key reason for this was the significant reduction in the price of oil over the last few months.

The Trust remains open to returning to this project if market conditions change.

There are things you can do to secure a lower price, but whatever you do, don't be afraid to haggle to secure the best deal you can.

1. Shop around, phone several suppliers and get a few quotes.

There have been a number of company take overs and many of the companies that appear to be separate are in fact owned by an Irish company called DCC plc that trades in the UK under the name of GB Oils - these include, Brett Fuels, Bayford & Co, F Peart & Co, James D Johnston, Charter Fuels, Emo, CPL Petroleum


0191 512 0012


0191 430 9040

GB Fuels

0191 490 4311

F Peart

01429 852100

James D. Johnson

0845 7717712

Don't forget that they tend to quote without VAT, which currently stands at 5%.

2. Try Boiler Juice online This company trys to source oil from the cheapest local supplier, but this doesn't always make it the cheapest!

3. Form your own group of friends/neighbours to buy together. You may only need 600l, but together you may need 2,000l and this encourages suppliers to offer a better deal.

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