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Parking signs on the approach into Craster

There are plenty of parking spaces for visitors to Craster, although parking in the village itself is restricted.

As you enter Craster follow the directions into the large car park beside and behind the Craster Tourist Information Centre. This car park is only 150m from the harbour.

Visitors to Craster are asked not to try to park in the village itself, unless you are staying in holiday accommodation in the village, which usually have their own private spaces. The Jolly Fisherman has a small number of parking spaces for customers.

On very busy days an overspill car park, on the approach road to the village, is opened. This is only 250m from the harbour.

Visitors should note that there is no vehicular access to Dunstanburgh Castle. The Castle can only be reached on foot via a gate to the north of the harbour along a flat grassy path by the edge of the shore; a distance of 1¼ miles. Parking for visitors to the Castle is in the main Craster car park next to Craster TIC.

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