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Draft Minutes of a Meeting
Thursday 25 March 2010

Present. M Doherty (Chairman) Kevin Brown (Station Manager)
M Browell, I Parker, T Parker, N Wood, S Brown

Apologies. P Brown, P Parker, L Williams, K Williams

Station Managers Report. The “boat capsize incident” which had occurred during a routine exercise was fully investigated by the DDI and RNLI officials. No blame is attached to any member of Craster Lifeboat. The conclusion being it was an unfortunate unavoidable accident.

Three crew members sustained minor injuries although Sara Brown is receiving treatment on her back and shoulder. Damage to the boat is reparable and will result in it returning to Craster in due course. The donors, Jill and Roger Smith have been advised. They send their good wishes to members of Craster Lifeboat and hope to visit early in the Summer. A replacement lifeboat was on station by 1900hrs on the evening following the incident.

A new tractor has been placed on station. It is intended that trials will take place on a tracked vehicle because of the problems of seaweed and rocks.

Training 9 crew members have received First Aid training and have been assessed as qualified to RNLI Standards. Boat exercises have continued during the winter although at a reduced level. These will increase with increasing daylight. Tom Parker is to attend the Lifeboat College. Nathan Wood has completed a Poole Training Course.

Launching Authority. The need for more Deputy Launching Authorities was discussed. At present Launching Officers are Station Manager, A Punton, R Lee and Martin Browell. It was agreed that because of work commitments these LAs should be supported, preferably by someone who worked in the village. Anthony Baird was suggested as an ideal person for the position and Martin Browell undertook to discuss this with him and report back to the next meeting.

Shouts have averaged one per month over the past 12 months. This is in line with the national average.

Extension to Boat House. £3000 has been raised so far and Councillor John Taylor has indicated that the project could be eligible for a grant of £5000 from NCC. Discussion of moving the project forward included checking with DDI Sarah the current position with advice to the Northside Owners. Nathan Wood sugessted that there were sufficient in-house skills to build the extension ourselves. This was enthusiastically agreed and it was further suggested that materials could be sponsored by supplier firms. It was agreed that depending on the response from the DDI, plans to start the project will be initiated at the next meeting.

Harbour Fete 2010 It was unanimously agreed that the date for the Fete would be Saturday 10 July since high tide is at 14.24hrs. Following discussion about an opener it was agreed that a high profile person was not necessary to the success of the day. It was felt that this was an opportunity to recognise the service and support received from a local person. Such a person was identified and it was decided that Kevin Brown will consult with the person and report back to the next meeting.

Because of the absence of many of the “movers and shakers” on Fete day
It was felt that further planning should take place at the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting. Monday 12 April 2010 at 7.00 pm in the Boat House.
As well as Committee Members, anyone willing to help on Fete day is welcome to attend.

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