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Annual Competition and Show
Saturday September 11th 2010
Memorial Hall, Craster

All entries staged by 10.00am. Doors open at 2.00pm
Raffle drawn at 5.45pm
Pick up at 6.00pm

Admission: 20p
Entry per section: 20p
Prize Moneys: 1st. £1.20. 2nd. 80p and 3rd. 50p

Horticultural Class

1. Stand of Leeks 3 '/2 - 6 inch freshly dug. Judged on cube and quality. Members Only
2. Three Onions dressed
3. One Onion as Grown
4. Marrow
5. Intermediate leek 9 inch
6. Four Onion sets flat
7. Four Onion sets round
8. Two Carrots stump
9. Two Carrots long
10. Three Beetroot Globe
11. Two Parsnips
12. Six Tomatoes
13. Cucumber
14. Six Shallots Round
15. Six Shallots Pear

Flower Class

1. Vase of Sweet Peas (6 Spikes)
2. Vase of Mixed Flowers
3. Display of Roses
4. Three Roses in a 2 inch vase.
5. Pot Plant
6. Button Hole
7. One Flower & one Vegetable home grown

Industrial Class

1. Home Made Jam (1 jar)
2. Tray Bake of own choice (4 pieces)
3. Four Girdle Scones
4. Homemade Gingerbread
5. Homemade Apple Pie
6. Homemade Chocolate cake/filling (1 tin)
7. Homemade Chutney (1 jar)
8. Four Fruit scones
9. Four Cheese scones
10. Sausage Rolls
11. Cross Stitch
12. Hand Knitted Garment
13. Snap Shots - A) Scenic, B) Animal, C) Novelty, D) Flowers

Children's Class from Embleton School

Children's Cooking. Biscuits & Butterfly Cakes

NB. Two items for the grocery parcel to be handed in with Leeks. Please look at Dates.

Teas at the Boathouse Sunday 8th August.

Please donate small items for the tombola stall.

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