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Annual general Meeting
September 2nd. 2009


Colin Biott, Michael Craster, Michael Doherty, Michael Findeisen, Jane Findeisen, John Gallon, Marion Gallon, Rosemary Gibbs, Carol Grey, Peter Howard, Bridget Kohler, Anne Ousby, Michael Robson, Rosie Robson, Jim Shaw, Joyce Shaw, Marjory Taylor,.


Elizabeth Herd, Peter Humble.

Minutes of 2008 AGM

The Minutes of the May 2008 Annual General were confirmed and adopted. Jim Shaw proposed and Michael Robson seconded.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising that were not already covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman presented his report (attached at Annex A). It had been a quiet year as the Interim Committee had concentrated on consolidating the financial situation in anticipation of the new constitution. Highlights had been the Christmas Bingo evening and the very successful series of Saturday coffee mornings known as the Browse-in. These had been particularly valuable in providing a social focus for the residents of the village which has been lacking since the closure of the shop. Work had continued on the new constitution, and this was now close to fruition along the lines proposed at the last AGM, with a merger of the Memorial Hall and Craster Community Development Trusts.

The Chairman’s report was accepted.

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts (attached at Annex B) and her report. There was discussion over the size of the shortfall in the 2 preceding years, but it was generally agreed that the Treasurer had done well to bring the result for the FY 2008/9 showing a modest surplus. Thanks in part to the generous bequest of Harry Archbold the Trust had a healthy balance sheet, but this could be expected to be needed for the very necessary refurbishment of the Hall. Disquiet was expressed by members of user groups about the increase in charges, but after discussion the general view was that these had been timely and appropriate; it was important that day to day expenses should be broadly matched by letting income. A particular success of the year had been the Saturday morning “Browse-in” which had raised in the region of £1000 in this period. The demise of the 100 Club was regretted; this could be reviewed as part of an overall review of fund-raising following the election of new trustees under the new constitution.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Future Direction of the Trust

Copies of a draft constitution for a new trust, provisionally called the Craster Community Trust, provided by the Charity Commission were circulated. The Chairman reminded everyone that this would be a merger of the Memorial Hall and Village Development Trusts, and asked the meeting in the discussion that followed to concentrate on those aspects which were either particular to the Hall or common to both trusts. The meeting was asked to consider the draft, and make suggestions or amendments. The revised document would then be taken to the Development Trust meeting on 10 September for their consideration. When they are satisfied the final document would then be presented to a full community meeting for comment and, hopefully, acceptance. The revised draft would then be returned to the Charity Commission for approval.

The meeting then went through the draft document paragraph by paragraph, and made a number of suggestions. In particular it was agreed that:

  1. The title of the new Trust should be “The Craster Community Trust”.

  2. A Vice-Chairman should be elected as well as a Chairman.

  3. The committee should hold at least 4 ordinary meetings a year.

  4. The quorum should be as proposed by the Charity Commission.

  5. The title to the land should be transferred to the Official Custodian for Charities.

With these amendments it was agreed that the draft constitution should be accepted for further discussion with the Development Trust and the wider community.

Resignation of the Interim Committee

The Interim Committee tendered their resignations.

Election of New Interim Committee

It was explained that until the new constitution had been approved by the Charity Commission the old one remained in force, and the existing trustees remained in post. It was necessary therefore to elect a new Interim Committee. The following were elected:

Michael Craster – Chairman (Trustee)
Michael Robson – Vice-Chairman
Bridget Kohler – Hon Treasurer (Trustee)
Colin Biott
Carol Grey
Peter Humble
Elizabeth Herd (Building Maintenance)
Gary Jobling
Rosie Robson

Any Other Business

There was no other business

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