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Annual General Meeting
May 13th 2008

Peter Howard, Jim Shaw, Joyce Shaw, Colin Biott, Sylvia Biott, V Hall, S Dawson, Brian Chambers, John Gallon, Marion Gallon, Michael Broson, Carol Grey, Bridget Kohler, Margaret Kilvington, Marjory Taylor, Michael Taylor, S Watson, Jennifer Doherty, Michael Doherty, Rosie Robson, Pat Wadds, Michael Craster, Carole Oswell, Anne Ousby Alan Hedley (Community Action North).

Elizabeth Herd, Peter Humble, Steve Reeves.

Minutes from April 2007 were confirmed and adopted. Marjory Taylor proposed and Pat Wadds seconded.

Matters Arising

Anne Ousby suggested that Alison Newbiggin would need to have some sort of show of appreciation for all of her past hard work however this should be a matter for the new committee to take up. This was generally agreed.

Treasurers Report


Cash in hand
Building Society
Regular Lettings
Casual Lettings















Cleaning Materials


£285.31 £17.03

Fund Raising
Coffee Morning
Halloween Party
Bingo Children’s Party
100 Club


£115.00 £119.00 £116.00

£30.00 £675.00







Rates/Insurance Water rates

Misc. Expenses
Cash in hand
Building Society

£135.27 £547.23



£49.37 £300.33 £6,144.06
£171.73 £13,991.11

Interest YBS
Other donations

Misc. Income












The treasurer’s report was discussed briefly:


This was unusually high as it had been left on by users. A sign has now been put up requesting it be turned off when not in use. Also we have been trying to sort out a timer for some time now and this is still in hand. The tariff has also been changed by N Power which should help.

Fund Raising

There has not been much activity so far this year but it is hoped that the new committee may be able to organise some events. Thanks were given to Rosie Robson for all her efforts last year which although not vastly profitable did get the community using the hall which is very important.

Bridget Kohler queried donations made to Community Action Northumberland and feels that this is not the correct procedure. Alan Hedley advised he was sure this was in order as it was for services given and making the best use of the funds available, however he will check this out and get back to us.

Anne Ousby read out the Management Committee Chairman’s report (copy retained on minutes file) and offered many thanks to all committee members particularly Pat Wadds for her many years of hard work as Treasurer, Mike Findeison as Secretary, Margaret Kilvington and Marjory Taylor all of whom are standing down.

Michael Craster (Chairman of Trustees) gave thanks to Anne for her work and dedication as Chairman pointing out all the time and effort that was involved in the lottery bid.

Michael Craster spoke pointing out salient points regarding the hall change of constitution and reminded those attending of the potential difficulties for future funding should the constitution remain unchanged. Queries were raised with regard to future funding and Alan Hedley advised priority is more likely to be given to a hall with an open constitution. He pointed out that it was not wrong to operate with a closed constitution however this sort of management is not now favoured by funders.

Rosie Robson asked if most other village halls are adopting an open constitution. Alan Hedley advised that most are set up with an open constitution these days.

It was suggested an interim committee be formed to put the new constitution into action and then this be forwarded to the Charities Commission for agreement. Trustees would keep control until the new constitution is agreed the interim committee will become trustees should they will to continue. Any individual who is unable to/does not want to become a trustee will then be free to stand down.

Marjory Taylor asked if there would be a date for the hand over. Michael Craster advised this would take place when the constitution was sorted out by the interim committee.

John Gallon asked if there was a target date and September was suggested by Michael Craster provided things were tied up with the constitution.

Michael Taylor asked who would form the interim committee. Michael Craster advised ideally this would be a joint venture between Trustees and a Management Committee.

A vote was taken to determine whether those present were in favour of an open constitution. 21 people voted for an open constitution, 2 were against and 1 abstention. The view of the village is therefore that the hall should work towards an open constitution.

Michael Craster asked anyone present who would volunteer to form part of the interim committee to stay behind after the meeting.

Michael Doherty suggested there were not enough people in the village who were able to take on the responsibility of becoming a Trustee and suggested amalgamating the Craster Development Trust and the Trustees of the Craster Memorial Hall.

Alan Hedley advised that he feels there is great enthusiasm and support within the village and that it is always hard to enlist younger members due to work commitments etc. He considers the Charities Commission would look favourably on a joint venture between the Development Trust and Management Committee.

The meeting was brought to a close and those who volunteered to take part in the interim committee remained behind as requested.


Interim Committee:

Colin Biott
Stacey Watson
Bridget Kohler
Gary Jobling
Michael Robson
Rosie Robson
Michael Craster
Carole Oswell
Michael Taylor
Elizabeth Herd (not present)

Booking Secretary

Vice Chairman
Vice Chair & Hon. Secretary
Minutes Secretary

Buildings Maintenance

Michael Craster agreed to take on the role of Chairman for the present.
Stacey Watson will take on the role of Booking Secretary.
Bridget Kohler will be Treasurer.
Rosie Robson will be Hon. Secretary
Carole Oswell will be Minutes Secretary
Michael Robson/Rosie Robson Vice Chairman
Elizabeth Herd, (not present) Buildings Maintenance

It was decided that the system for signing cheques needed to be revised. We will now have 3 names, Chairman (MC), Treasurer (BK) and Hons Secretary (RR).

Next meeting: Monday 2 June at 7 pm in hall.

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