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The Northumbrian Water Limited (Land at Craster and Dunstan) Compulsory Purchase Order 2008

Briefing note from Hugh Fell, who is retained by the Trust and the Parish Council to provide advice in respect to Northumbrian Water's development of sewage treatment facilities in the area.


Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) have since 2002 been carrying out a number of investigations relating to the current sewerage system servicing the three physical areas of Craster North, Craster South and Dunstan.

The results showed that the best option for NWL and the communities concerned was to replace the existing works.

NWL have subsequently selected what they consider to be the most appropriate sites. The sites concerned can be viewed by following the links to the map on this website.

The Craster Parish Council (CPC) and the Craster Community Development Trust (CCDT) have always supported NWL in their objective to upgrade the sewage system and have tried to co-ordinate with NWL to achieve the best outcome for the community.


NWL have decided on the chosen scheme and obtained all the necessary planning consents: their next objective is to take control of the land/property they require to complete the scheme.

NWL have sought to negotiate the acquisition of the sites they require both permanently and temporarily. As far as CPC and CCDT are concerned; it was hoped that a satisfactory settlement would be achieved, but NWL consistently change their position and have refused to provide all the necessary detail relating to both the carrying out of the project and subsequent restoration.

With no agreement, the next step for NWL was to exercise their statutory powers and to compulsory purchase the sites they require. This process does not differentiate between permanent acquisition and temporary occupation; and therefore NWL seek to acquire all the property shown on the plan. The CPC and CCDT have objected to this process.

Current Situation

The link below gives details relating to the compulsory purchase procedure, providing outline details of the process from start to finish. NWL have served on the parties who have legal interests in the land required draft Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) notice. This notice gives details of the proposed scheme along with further details of how to object. The CCDT and CPC have submitted objections (a copy of which is can be viewed on this website).


The objection letter outlines the grounds upon which the CCDT have objected to the CPO: the potential loss of the recreation area and failure to restore properly, are obviously very concerning.

For details of the procedure from this point forward please refer to the publication on the above link.

Further details of the compulsory purchase procedure can be found by following the link below:"

Hugh Fell & Andrew Pinney of George F White,
November 20th 2008


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