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Draft Minutes of Joint Meeting of Craster Development Trust and Craster Memorial Trust
Thursday 29th. April 2010, 7:00 p.m.
Memorial Hall, Craster

The meeting was held in open session.  The following members of the public were in attendance: Doris Clarke, Heather Lee, Joyce Shaw, Jim Shaw, Peter Howard, Pam Owen, Rosemary Gibbs, Bryn Owen, Marjory Taylor.

Craster Community Development Trust


Michael Craster (Chair), Alex Ainslie, Kevin Brown, John Gallon, Hilary Punton, Rosie Robson and


Keith Hobbs, Fyona Robson

Trustees of the Memorial Hall.

Present.Michael Robson


Elizabeth Herd

Programme for introducing new Trust to Community

The Chairman welcomed those present, including those in the public gallery and explained the format of the meeting.  Following this introduction, the representatives of the two existing charities explored the way that the new Trust might be presented to the community.  Members of the public were also invited to contribute to the discussion.  The key points of the discussion were:

  • It is important that the Trust makes every effort to involve the whole community.

  • Although the point of view was expressed from the floor that a bottom-up approach would be preferable, the feeling was that there would need to be an element of top-down management in order to provide the framework for any consultation exercise.  It was also felt that this discussion was to some extent irrelevant as the likelihood was that the same small core of volunteers would have to take on responsibility for the running of the new Trust due to a lack of further volunteers in the community.

  • With a view to raising the profile of the new Trust it was agreed that a leaflet drop would be arranged.  The key points for the leaflet would be defined by Michael Craster and would explain the new Trust, point out the potential loss of amenity to the community if the new Trust was not successful and invite all in the community to the first AGM of the new Trust; Rosie Robson would co-ordinate the design of the leaflets involving the children in the village.  The leaflets would be distributed within the community by:

      • Heugh Road – Michael Robson / Alex Ainslie

      • Heugh Wynd – Kevin Brown

      • Chapel Row / Whin Hill etc – Joyce Shaw

      • North Side – John Gallon

      • Dunstan and outlying parts – Michael Craster

  • The first AGM of the new Trust would take place on Tuesday 8th. June commencing at 7:00pm in the Memorial Hall where the new Trustees would be elected.

  • Michael Craster is to pass on the relevant details to Doris Clarke in the form of a flyer so that the details of the new Trust and the AGM can be publicised with The Net.

  • Until the new Trustees are elected, the management of the existing Trusts remains with the current Trustees although the Deed from the Charity Commission has effectively closed down those Trusts.

The Joint Session was then closed and Michael Robson left the meeting.

Date of Next Meeting

As the Deed from the Charity Commission has effectively superseded the Development Trust with the new Community Trust, there are currently no further meetings scheduled for the Executive Committee of the Development Trust.  However, arrangements have still to be confirmed for the presentation of the CCDT accounts and Chairman’s report for the final year of the Development Trust.  The first AGM of the new Community Trust will take place on Tuesday 8th. June at 7:00pm in the Memorial Hall.  The meeting will be open to members of the public.

This is an extract relating to the discussion concerning the new Craster Community Trust from the full minutes of the meeting which also included a meeting of the Craster Community Development Trust Executive Committee. The full minutes may be found in the section relating to the Craster Community Development Trust.

CCT Agendas & Minutes 2010 to 2011

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